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Horizon Yachts Facts: Builds yachts from 54’ to 160’+. Biggest shipyard in Asia. Among the ten largest shipyards in the world. Member of SYBAss. Over 700 employees – workers, engineers, executives - with 10+ years experience. Det Norske Veritas – Management System Certification. Composite lab with dedicated stuff. 110.000,00 sq.m. owned land area. 4 construction units, Horizon Shipyard - Atech Composites - Vision Shipyard - Premier Shipyard. “SCRIMP” patented lamination resin vacuum infusion technology. CNC 5 axis milling machine runs on 90-foot tracks, and its 5-axis router, working at the speed of 762mm/sec, can stop at any precise position within 254 μm (0,000254m) tolerance. The MR-125 Gantry Milling System is a yacht builder's dream machine. 3D CAD visualization and virtual reality for yacht design “Rhino”. CAE/CAM software. Authorized by EADS (The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company N.V) through SAERTEX as well as authorized for another advanced process technology called VAP (Vacuum Assisted Process).


The Horizon Yachts is the ultimate destination in search of those who know what they want ... those who want a yacht or a mega yacht of superb quality, state of the art engineering and unparalleled aesthetics, which can translate into matter their personal style. Each Horizon is unique, the stamp of the owner is everywhere, from the exterior, interior layout, by the textiles and electrical appliances. The Horizon Yachts built in Taiwan, one of the largest and most modern shipyards in the world. The production includes yachts from 54 'to 163' and the series, while any size per one foot can be built. All the range of Horizon Yachts and the yard are certified with CE category A, meet and exceed all standards for certification, MCA, DNV, etc. Horizon Yachts is truly what we say, custom built yachts, since each wish comes true. Horizon Yachts - Define Your Horizon www.HorizonYacht.comYacht">www.HorizonYacht.com



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Since 1980 we aim to deliver first class yachts and first class before and after sale service.



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